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1 – Main Setting for Size and Positioning

You can

  • set the location
  • set the size
  • set the color of a background
  • set the roundness of the corners (if set 360 and the measurements of height and width are equal you will get a circle)
  • set a border

2 – Set a Shadow

You can set a background shadow

3 – Set a triangle indicator

Offset x,y cannot be set

4 – Scale for Devices

You can scale your Label, depending on the device

The text is not resized, you will have to set it, below, in the text settings.

5 – Close icon

You can upload an image that will become a button to close the label

6 – Set Device Visibility

You can choose where to show the plugin

7 – Text Options

7.1 Simple text

7.2 Text by Call Action

You can write content when you call the plugin from an action.
This way you can use only one instance of Label to write different things.

7.3 Expert

in this way you can recall the value of a variable.
For example if it is used in combination with Automator Plugin, I have if you are experienced with the Krpano code.

In this Label + Automator demo, you can see the use of the stagewidth variable in the blu label at the bottom right : https://www.panotourplugin.com/lab/automator/index.html

8 – Font Typografy and size

Choose a font and size based on your device

9 – Paragrapher Settings

Set text alignment and padding of text block

10 – Set Behavior

10.1 Set Autoclose by Time

Set a time to close the label automatically

10.2 Close by Click

Close with a click, the Label will close by clicking on each part of the tour